Toll of Afghan Earthquakes Revised to ‘Over 1000’ by Taliban-Run Ministry, Impacts Reveal by Reuters

KABUL, Afghanistan – The death toll from the recent earthquakes in Afghanistan has been revised by the Taliban-run ministry, with the number now reported to be ‘over 1000’, down from the initial count of over 2400. The earthquakes have caused widespread devastation in the region, with many buildings and homes being reduced to rubble. The … Read more

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Deadly Minivan Explosion in Afghan Capital

Kabul, Afghanistan – The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for a deadly minivan explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan, which resulted in the loss of at least three lives. The militant group has been increasingly active in the region, causing concern for the safety and security of the Afghan people. According to a statement released by … Read more

Explosion Claimed by Islamic State Kills 5 in Afghan Capital

KABUL, Afghanistan – At least five people were killed in a minibus explosion in the Afghan capital late Saturday, with the Islamic State group claiming responsibility for the attack. The Sunni militant group targeted the bus carrying Shiite Muslims, detonating an explosive device and injuring fifteen others in Kabul’s western Shiite neighborhood of Dashti Barchi, … Read more

Plane Crash Claims Lives of Three Former Afghan Air Force Members Training in Oregon

Independence, Oregon – In a tragic plane crash, three former members of the Afghan Air Force lost their lives while training for a commercial license. The incident occurred near Independence, Oregon, two weeks ago, highlighting the risks faced by former Afghan forces training in the U.S. The crash reportedly happened when the pilot went against … Read more

Crash of Former Afghan Forces Pilots in Oregon Linked to Weather Ignorance

SALEM, Oregon – Two weeks after a tragic airplane crash in Oregon, USA that resulted in the deaths of three former Afghan forces members, the primary cause of the accident has been disclosed by the government. Foreign media reports, citing the U.S. government, revealed that a former Afghan Air Force pilot ignored the instructor’s advice … Read more