Workers in India’s Informal Sector Face Week Highlighting Need for Safety Reforms and Protections

Hyderabad, India – A series of tragic incidents have unfolded in India’s informal sector, shedding light on the unsafe working conditions faced by migrant contractual workers across various states. From toxic gas exposure in Hyderabad to fatal accidents at construction sites in Chhattisgarh, the recent week has seen multiple lives lost due to inadequate safety … Read more

Maine Lawmakers Convene to Honor Lewiston Shooting Victims and Address Gun Safety Reforms

AUGUSTA, Maine – Lawmakers in Maine are returning to the state House with a clear priority: honoring the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in the state’s history. The session will kick off with a tribute to the victims of the Lewiston shooting and will set the stage for addressing various gun safety proposals. The … Read more

Maine Lawmakers Honor Mass Shooting Victims and Consider Gun Safety Reforms in Session Return

AUGUSTA, Maine – Lawmakers in Maine returned to work on Wednesday at the state House with the solemn task of honoring the victims, survivors, and first responders of the deadliest mass shooting in state history. The shooting tribute in Lewiston was expected to set the tone for a session that will include several gun safety … Read more