Deadly Love Triangle Ends in Bloody Murder-Suicide

PLAINFIELD, Ind. —In the early hours of Monday, a tragic incident unfolded in Plainfield, Indiana, where police discovered two individuals deceased in a residence following a reported burglary. The event, which occurred around 3:30 a.m. at a home in the 5800 block of Grevillea Lane, near Moon and Miles roads, has been classified as a murder-suicide by the authorities.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers found a shattered basement entry window. Inside, they discovered the bodies of Jessica Diane Stoebick, 47, and Ryan Gibbs, 41, both residents of Plainfield. Gibbs was identified as Stoebick’s ex-husband. The discovery was made after police responded to a call around 4:00 a.m. on December 18, initially reported as a burglary.

The incident took a particularly harrowing turn as it was revealed that three teenage children were present in the home during the occurrence. Fortunately, they were unharmed and were the ones who alerted the police. The Plainfield Police Department has emphasized that there is no ongoing threat to public safety following this incident.

This case is a criminal investigation and a deeply personal tragedy, especially given its timing during the holiday season. The Plainfield Police Department issued a statement acknowledging the profound challenges faced by the affected family and requested the community’s support in keeping the family in their thoughts and prayers during this challenging period.

Further investigation into the background of the individuals involved revealed a complex and troubled history. Court records indicate that Stoebick had obtained protective orders against Gibbs on at least two occasions, once in October 2021 and again in April 2023. Gibbs had a history of legal issues, including previous convictions for invasion of privacy and violating a no-contact order. At the time of the incident, he was facing charges filed in April for invasion of privacy, intimidation, stalking, resisting law enforcement, and distribution of an intimate image, with a court appearance scheduled for January.

The Plainfield Police Department continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding this tragic event. They encourage anyone with additional information to come forward and contact Detective Taylor Wilson at 317-754-5284.

This incident, initially investigated as a burglary, has now evolved into a complex case intertwining elements of domestic disturbance, legal history, and a tragic end. It underscores the often-hidden struggles within personal relationships and the potential for such struggles to culminate in devastating outcomes. As the community of Plainfield grapples with this tragedy, the focus remains on supporting the bereaved family and understanding the sequence of events that led to this unfortunate conclusion.