Shocking Details Emerge in Spokane Homicide and Missing Person Case

SPOKANE, Washington – A 25-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the brutal execution-style killings of two suspects last month, who were both under investigation for the disappearance of a woman in Spokane, Washington.

The arrest of Brandon Lee Kenny on Saturday was followed by two counts of murder in the first degree. The victims, identified as 23-year-old Kiara Morgan-Weiland and 37-year-old Colton Russell, were both suspects in the November disappearance of 49-year-old Jannell Martensen, who was Russell’s ex-girlfriend. Since then, Martensen has been presumed dead by law enforcement.

There were multiple 911 calls reporting gunshots on December 8 at the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Cuba Street. Upon arrival, the police discovered Russell dead in the driver’s seat of a minivan from multiple gunshot wounds. Morgan-Weiland was found lying in the street with multiple stab wounds.

Autopsy reports revealed that Russell had sustained six gunshot wounds, while Morgan-Weiland had suffered over 51 stab wounds, some of which penetrated vital organs. The police also discovered blue pills suspected to be fentanyl inside McDonald’s bags in the victim’s minivan.

Surveillance footage revealed that the victims had been seen together shortly before the shooting occurred. Kenny was captured on camera entering the van with Russell and Morgan-Weiland. Further footage showed Kenny approaching the vehicle and opening fire towards the driver’s side, followed by Morgan-Weiland attempting to flee before succumbing to her injuries.

One week after the incident, investigators identified and apprehended Kenny, who reportedly confessed to the double murder during a subsequent interview with detectives. Kenny allegedly claimed that his actions were motivated by Russell’s alleged killing of Martensen and the threats he had received. He described shooting Russell with a 9mm handgun until the gun was empty and stabbing Morgan-Weiland multiple times.

Kenny is currently being held in Spokane County Jail on a bond of $1 million. On Tuesday, he will appear in front of a judge.

As the investigation continues, authorities are urging anyone with information regarding the incident or the disappearance of Martensen to contact the Spokane Police Department.

The arrest of Kenny provides a significant breakthrough in this complex case, shedding new light on the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and presumed murder of Jannell Martensen.