Disturbing Video Footage Reveals Woman Abusing Dog in Massachusetts Apartment

LOWELL, Mass. – A woman in Lowell, Massachusetts, faced a judge after being accused of kicking her dog multiple times. The incident was captured on cameras in an apartment building and only came to light after a property manager reviewed the footage following a car crash. The woman admitted to the abuse, which left neighbors in tears and shocked by the cruelty.

NBC10 Boston chose not to air the disturbing footage, but witnesses described the woman kicking the dog and throwing it into an apartment on Westford Street. The act of animal cruelty has deeply affected the community, with neighbors expressing disbelief and heartbreak over the incident.

The accused, 30-year-old Kimberly Hernandez, appeared in court on two counts of animal cruelty. She confessed to abusing her dog, Rex, while under the influence of alcohol and in a fit of anger. Prosecutors reported that Hernandez became emotional upon seeing the footage, indicating remorse for her actions.

As a result of the incident, Hernandez was ordered to pay bail, have no unsupervised contact with animals, and surrender all her pets, including Rex. The dog is now in the custody of animal control. Despite the bail conditions, neighbors expressed concern about the welfare of the animals under her care.

The case of animal abuse in Lowell, Massachusetts, serves as a reminder of the importance of surveillance in protecting vulnerable animals from mistreatment. The community is hopeful that justice will be served for the abused dog and that Hernandez will be held accountable for her actions in the upcoming court proceedings.