Eagles Flight Provides Support and Aid for Family of Murdered Pregnant Teen and Unborn Baby

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Eagles Flight, a non-profit organization, is providing support to the family of murder victims Savanah Soto, her boyfriend Matthew Guerra, and their unborn son, Fabian. According to police, Soto was found dead last week. The organization, led by CEO Pamela Allen, is known for providing burials for abandoned and abused infants as well as women who have fallen victim to domestic violence.

Over the last decade, Eagles Flight has taken on the responsibility of carrying out burials that the rest of the community may not be willing to do. They will be conducting their 49th and 50th burials in support of Savanah and Fabian, assisting with the vigil for Soto and her unborn baby, and aiding the family with the funeral arrangements. In addition, the organization has been collecting donations and assisting the family with necessities such as groceries.

Valerie Mendoza, Soto’s aunt, expressed gratitude for the organization’s support, acknowledging the difficulty of the situation and the value of Eagles Flight’s assistance. Allen, the CEO, reflected on the heartbreaking experience of witnessing families endure such pain, specifically highlighting the agony of a mother mourning the loss of her child.

The tragic death of the couple’s unborn baby, to be named Fabian, has also left the family in mourning. Allen shared her thoughts on the baby’s passing, expressing empathy and signaling the organization’s commitment to standing with the family during this horrific tragedy.

In summary, Eagles Flight is extending a helping hand to the family of the murder victims, providing crucial support during a difficult time. The organization’s dedication to aiding those in need is evident in their efforts to assist with the burial process, organize the vigil, and offer assistance to the grieving family.