Ex-boyfriend’s murder trial verdict delayed as last witness testifies before resting cases

MACON, Ga. – The murder trial of Joey Fournier, accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Cynthia Berry in Feb. 2022, is now in its final stages as both sides rested their cases after the last witness, Fournier himself, took the stand on Wednesday.

During his testimony, Fournier recounted the events of the day Berry was killed, stating that she had invited him over for dinner and a movie. He claimed that after he took a shower, he found Berry drunk and making threats towards his teenage daughter, which allegedly triggered him to lose control and black out until later that night when a friend picked him up.

Testimony from earlier in the trial revealed that Berry’s brother, David Rogers, was informed of her death and went to the house, where he discovered her body. Rogers testified that he arrived at the house to find Berry strangled and lifeless on the kitchen floor, a sight that left him in shock.

On the following day, prosecutors confronted Fournier about whether he was responsible for Berry’s death, to which Fournier responded that he was likely the one to have committed the act but could not recall the specifics of that night. Additionally, evidence presented included a voicemail from Fournier where he expressed regret and suggested that something had happened, although he claimed not to remember the details.

Fournier’s defense attorney, Lauren Dixon, refrained from commenting after the court proceedings concluded. The case is set to resume on Thursday morning with closing arguments from both sides, as the jury deliberates on the fate of Joey Fournier in this tragic murder trial.