Trial for Santa Fe Shooting Civil Lawsuit Delayed by Galveston County Judge

Santa Fe, Texas – A civil lawsuit against the parents of the accused gunman responsible for the tragic shooting at Santa Fe High School has faced a trial delay, according to a Galveston County judge. The lawsuit, filed by survivors and family members of the victims, alleges that the parents did not properly secure their … Read more

Sentencing Delayed for Meningitis Outbreak Maker Barry Cadden: Families Disheartened by Sudden Postponement

HOWELL, Michigan – A judge in Michigan has caused grief and dismay by unexpectedly postponing the sentencing of a man at the center of a deadly meningitis outbreak that affected multiple states. People who were prepared to share their sorrow 12 years after the tragedy were left disappointed when Judge Matthew McGivney decided to delay … Read more

Ex-boyfriend’s murder trial verdict delayed as last witness testifies before resting cases

MACON, Ga. – The murder trial of Joey Fournier, accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Cynthia Berry in Feb. 2022, is now in its final stages as both sides rested their cases after the last witness, Fournier himself, took the stand on Wednesday. During his testimony, Fournier recounted the events of the day Berry was killed, … Read more

Teenage Killer’s Release to Parents Delayed in Nebraska as Court Debates Safety

Omaha, Nebraska – A controversial case involving a teenage killer has sparked debate over his potential release back to his parents from a treatment facility in Lincoln. The 15-year-old, who was 13 at the time of the murder, has been in custody for less than two years since fatally shooting a 19-year-old victim in a … Read more

Fatalities on A9 Spark Anger Over Delayed Promise: Fergus Ewing Expresses Concern

Inverness, Scotland – SNP MSP Fergus Ewing has expressed frustration with the pace and uncertainty surrounding the A9 dualling project in light of recent deadly accidents. In a letter to transport secretary Fiona Hyslop, Ewing raised concerns about the Scottish Government potentially not fulfilling its commitment to the project by 2035. March witnessed a grim … Read more

Montez Ellington Jr. Murder Trial Delayed: New Court Dates Set for Teen Charged in Chloe Carroll’s Death

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. – The case against Montez Ellington Jr. for charges of murder in connection with the death of Chloe Carroll has faced a delay as a Vigo County judge granted a motion for continuance, leading to the postponement of the scheduled March 18 jury trial. During a recent hearing, future dates were discussed … Read more

Explosive Investigation Delayed Until April Due to Complex Coordination

Clinton Township, Michigan – An investigation into a recent fire and series of explosions at a vape supply facility in Clinton Township will commence in early April. The investigation, involving multiple agencies and the use of large equipment on the site, will be led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in collaboration … Read more

Extradition Delayed: Malians Involved in Ibadan Explosion Case Remain On the Run

Ibadan, Nigeria – The delay in extraditing three Malians indicted in the explosion that rocked Bodija, Ibadan in January has been attributed to Mali’s withdrawal from the Economic Community of West Africa States, according to Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state. After the explosion in January which resulted in fatalities, injuries, and significant property damage, … Read more

Justice Delayed: Charlotte Families Wait Years for Resolution in Murder Cases

Charlotte, North Carolina – Families of murder victims in Charlotte are facing years of waiting for justice as cases are backlogged in the system. Many families are frustrated and exhausted with the slow process, feeling as though they’ve been forgotten by the justice system. The backlog of cases is causing immense pain and suffering for … Read more

RCMP’s Plan for Nova Scotia Mass Shooting Inquiry Implementation Delayed

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has failed to meet its deadline to outline its plan for implementing recommendations from the inquiry into the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting. When the Mass Casualty Commission released its final report with 130 recommendations, the RCMP had pledged to release an “implementation strategy” before … Read more