Trial for Santa Fe Shooting Civil Lawsuit Delayed by Galveston County Judge

Santa Fe, Texas – A civil lawsuit against the parents of the accused gunman responsible for the tragic shooting at Santa Fe High School has faced a trial delay, according to a Galveston County judge. The lawsuit, filed by survivors and family members of the victims, alleges that the parents did not properly secure their guns, leading to the deadly incident that claimed the lives of eight students and two teachers six years ago. This case is among the first to target the parents of a mass shooter for their role in such a tragedy.

Originally scheduled to begin on May 28, the trial has now been postponed until July, with a pretrial conference set for July 19. This delay comes as the accused shooter, now 23, has been deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial and remains in a mental health facility. Attorneys representing the victims and survivors are requesting an additional mental health evaluation ahead of the civil trial.

The lawsuit highlights the importance of safely storing weapons, with the plaintiffs arguing that parents should secure firearms, especially when aware of their children’s mental health issues. While criminal charges have not been filed against the accused shooter’s parents in this case, recent legal precedent in Michigan saw parents sentenced to prison for their role in a school shooting.

Pagourtizis and Kosmetatos, the parents of the accused gunman, are set to undergo a deposition in the civil case, according to attorney Clint McGuire. The plaintiffs allege that the parents’ negligence in securing their firearms directly led to the accused shooter obtaining the weapons used in the tragic incident.

In addition to the lawsuit against the parents, victims’ families have also pursued legal action against companies that supplied ammunition to the accused gunman, reaching a successful settlement. Furthermore, legislative changes in 2023 have granted families access to their loved ones’ autopsies, which were previously confidential during the criminal proceedings.

As the trial approaches, many are eager for justice to be served and for the opportunity to hold accountable those responsible for the devastating loss of life at Santa Fe High School. The case underscores the complex legal issues surrounding gun violence and the need for greater accountability in ensuring firearms are responsibly stored and handled.