Explosion at Tradebe Facility in Bridgeport under Investigation After Major Blaze

BRIDGEPORT, CT – An investigation is ongoing into the explosion at the Tradebe facility in Bridgeport, which occurred on Friday afternoon. Local and state officials are working with multiple agencies to determine the chemicals involved and the cause of the explosion.

After the incident, residents were advised to either evacuate or shelter in place and mask up to avoid smoke exposure. However, officials have assured that the area is now safe and all air quality tests have come back clear. The blaze, fueled by a “low-grade oxidizer,” was quickly brought under control by the Bridgeport Fire Department.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, the city’s health and social services director, emphasized that there is currently no threat to air quality and residents are not required to wear masks. Despite this, residents are encouraged to wear masks if they feel more comfortable doing so.

The investigation is expected to take a few more weeks to complete. Once the results are available, city officials plan to disseminate any pertinent information to residents and discuss any necessary policy changes. Mayor Joe Ganim has expressed his concern and intends to review policies regarding potentially harmful chemicals on-site at various companies to ensure that communities are aware of any risks they may pose.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is supervising the clean-up at the site and monitoring water quality in local brooks. No acute health concerns have been found in the area following air monitoring tests. Fishing in the area remains prohibited at this time.

In conclusion, officials continue to work diligently to ensure the safety of the area and its residents following the incident. The investigation into the explosion at the Tradebe facility in Bridgeport is ongoing, with no immediate threat to air quality or public health identified at this time.