“Former University of Richmond Basketball Star Sentenced to 20 Years for Son’s Death: A Harrowing Tale of Concealment and Loss” – A heartbreaking story of a former basketball star’s tragic downfall and judicial sentencing.

RICHMOND, Va. – Kassceen Weaver, a former standout basketball player at the University of Richmond, received a 20-year prison sentence from a state circuit court judge for the death of his 3-year-old son, Eliel Adon Weaver. The tragic incident occurred on October 23, 2018, and ultimately led to the grim discovery of the child’s remains in 2021.

Weaver was convicted on charges of felony murder, felony child neglect, and concealing a dead body. These charges were based on evidence presented in court records. In addition to the 20-year sentence for murder, he was given 10 years for child neglect and five years for hiding the body, all to be served concurrently.

Following the child’s death, Weaver’s wife, Dina Weaver, initially faced charges related to the incident but had them dropped due to claims of physical and emotional harm inflicted by Weaver. The investigation revealed a history of domestic violence within their family, adding complexity to the situation.

Authorities made a chilling discovery when they found Eliel’s body in a freezer in the family’s garage. Reports indicated that Weaver attempted CPR after his son’s death, but instead of seeking medical help, he concealed the body. This prompted further investigation into concerns of domestic violence, ultimately leading to the tragic revelation of the child’s remains.

During the trial, Weaver’s defense team argued that the specific medical emergency Eliel faced was unknown, casting doubt on whether calling 911 would have made a difference. Weaver’s ex-wife also testified, recounting the heartbreaking details of the night Eliel died. Weaver did not speak during the hearing, as he still faces an aggravated malicious wounding charge related to his ex-wife, scheduled for trial in March 2024.

In conclusion, Kassceen Weaver’s sentencing for the death of his son marks the tragic end of a once-celebrated basketball career, highlighting the devastating consequences of domestic violence and child neglect.