Fulton County Sheriff Reveals He Has A Mugshot Ready For Trump

Is Donald Trump about to be indicted yet again? According to Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat, his office is fully prepared to handle any potential charges against former President Donald Trump in connection with the alleged attempts to manipulate Georgia’s 2020 presidential election results.

Speaking at a press conference held at the esteemed Fulton Government Center, Labat emphasized the proactive measures taken by his department in preparation for such an indictment, which include sending deputies to closely monitor Trump’s court appearances in New York and Miami. With an air of unwavering determination, Sheriff Labat outlined the standard procedures to be followed in the event of Trump’s indictment.

According to Labat, as an equal purveyor of justice, the former president would be treated no differently than any other detainee undergoing the customary booking process and photographing at the Rice Street jail. No sitting president has ever faced charges in Atlanta, making this a potential precedent-setting moment that the sheriff and his team are prepared to navigate with the utmost professionalism and adherence to the law.

In a show of unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of justice and equality before the law, Sheriff Labat conveyed to the journalists in attendance that the status or standing of any individual is entirely irrelevant when it comes to matters of justice. Irrespective of one’s background or previous position of power, Labet stated that the scales of justice remain impartial and blind, ready to dispense fairness to all.

“If an indictment were to come today, we would be ready,” asserted Labat, confidently reiterating his office’s level of preparedness. He further divulged, “It’s irrelevant what your status is. We have a mugshot ready for you.”

As anticipation looms over the potential for protests near the Fulton County Courthouse, Sheriff Labat disclosed that his deputies have been collaborating closely with regional and national law enforcement agencies to ensure the highest level of safety and security. Amidst the charged atmosphere, the focus remains on preserving the regular provision of essential services for the community while safeguarding the sanctity of the judicial process.

Sheriff Labat also touched upon the unfortunate and concerning threats directed at him, Fulton District Attorney Fani Willis, and anonymous judges. Over the past weeks, numerous threats have been made, including emails, texts, and personal calls, prompting investigations into these potential security risks. Labat made it unequivocally clear that threats and attempts to intimidate will be met with a firm and just response, emphasizing the responsibility of online users to engage in respectful discourse.

Regarding the specific security measures in place, the sheriff responded diplomatically, stating that his team meets daily to discuss and fine-tune plans. While abstaining from disclosing intricate details, Labat urged the public to stay informed and connected through the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office mobile app, ensuring transparency and maintaining a cohesive approach in the face of potential challenges.

The investigation led by District Attorney Fani Willis to uncover attempts to invalidate Georgia’s 2020 presidential election results has been many months in the making. A special grand jury was empaneled for approximately eight months, commencing in May 2022 and culminating in January 2023. Throughout this period, the grand jury collected testimony from around 75 witnesses.

While a fraction of the final report from the special grand jury was unveiled in February, replete with redactions, it did not provide the names of individuals potentially recommended for state crime charges. Despite these omissions, the report did offer crucial insights into the jury’s unanimous conclusion, which absolved the state’s 2020 elections of any widescale fraud. Furthermore, it revealed the majority’s recommendation to pursue perjury charges against at least one witness who, in their view, had veered from the truth while under oath.