Hunter Biden’s Attorney Points the Finger About Who’s Lying to the FBI

Hunter Biden is seeking legal action against Tony Bobulinski, a key critic and former associate involved in Hunter Biden’s international business activities. According to a recent report by The Hill, the legal team representing President Biden’s son has called upon federal prosecutors in Washington to launch an investigation into Bobulinski. Bobulinski gained notoriety as a … Read more

Constitutional Crisis: Legal Experts Rally Against Trump Gag Order!

In a striking assertion of the principles that underpin our democracy, a distinguished legal expert recently voiced his concerns over the gag order placed on former President Donald Trump, calling it a blatant infringement on constitutional rights. Prof. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, a respected figure in the legal community, did not mince words … Read more

Trump Fights Back: Gag Orders Under Spotlight in Presidential Prelude

Former President Donald Trump is contending with two restraining directives in his legal battles in New York and Washington D.C., sparking a vigorous discussion on the interplay between safeguarding free speech and ensuring fair trial proceedings. In a decision from the D.C. District Court, Judge Tanya Chutkan upheld a restrictive order on Oct. 29, opposing … Read more

40 Informants and Counting: The Biden Scandal the FBI Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Amidst the ongoing Trump indictments and the incarceration of January 6th demonstrators for their role in a march that infiltrated the Capitol, the Biden family appears to remain unscathed, seemingly protected by the FBI despite numerous apparent transgressions. Two explosive revelations from Just the News have brought to light a prosecutor’s intense frustration with the … Read more

Hunter’s Shocking Move: Leverages Rejected Plea to Claim ‘Immunity’ – GOP Cries Foul!

In a recent audacious move, Hunter Biden, the president’s son, approached a federal court with a plea to dismiss the three felony gun charges levied against him by Special Counsel David Weiss. This comes after Hunter’s earlier declaration of his innocence on these charges. Recall that just a month ago, Weiss brought forward three felonies … Read more

Judge Issues Gag Order to Trump Following Controversial Clerk Pos

Donald Trump faced a restricted gag order from a New York judge on Tuesday following his public criticism of a court official’s integrity during the second day of his ongoing bank fraud trial. Judge Arthur F. Engoron expressed his disapproval, stating, “Personal attacks on members of my court staff are unacceptable, not appropriate.” Earlier, Trump … Read more

From Beijing with Love: Hunter’s Financial Follies and Biden’s Blatant Disregard!

Recently, the Biden family has come under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The financial dealings of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, have raised many eyebrows, especially among the Republican community. Under the Biden administration, the Department of Justice (DOJ) disregards the glaring irregularities surrounding Hunter’s financial transactions, particularly those involving China. … Read more

Sheriff Reveals How Trump Acted During His Surrender at Fulton County Jail

Patrick Labat, the Fulton County Sheriff, recently shared insights about former President Donald Trump’s demeanor during his surrender at the Fulton County Jail. Labat described Trump as “stoic” and cooperative during the process, which involved taking his mug shot and fingerprints. Labat expressed his discomfort at witnessing someone of Trump’s stature undergo the booking procedure, … Read more

Department of Justice Under Fire: Startling Bribery Revelations Emerge in Trump Cases

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee, under the leadership of its Chairman, Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, has embarked on a comprehensive investigation into allegations of misconduct within Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team. The primary concern revolves around purported “abusive tactics” that have been brought to light. Jay Bratt, a senior figure and prosecutor within the … Read more

Plea Deal Pandemonium: Hunter Biden’s Attorney Asks to Withdraw

Hunter Biden’s lead attorney in his criminal defense has formally requested permission from a federal judge to step down from the case, citing the breakdown of a previously arranged plea deal in late July.Christopher Clark, a long-standing legal representative for Hunter, submitted a motion to the Delaware judge overseeing the case. As CNN reported, this … Read more