Judge Issues Gag Order to Trump Following Controversial Clerk Pos

Donald Trump faced a restricted gag order from a New York judge on Tuesday following his public criticism of a court official’s integrity during the second day of his ongoing bank fraud trial. Judge Arthur F. Engoron expressed his disapproval, stating, “Personal attacks on members of my court staff are unacceptable, not appropriate.” Earlier, Trump … Read more

America Left Leaderless: Biden’s Frequent Vacations Expose a Failing Presidency

As the United States faces unprecedented challenges, from surging illegal immigration to skyrocketing inflation, President Joe Biden seems to be spending an alarming amount of time away from the White House. According to meticulous data analysis by the Republican National Committee, Biden has been absent from the Oval Office for 40% of his presidency. This … Read more

Trump’s Shocking Decision Threatens GOP Debate Dynamics

Former President Donald Trump has openly communicated his significant reservations about signing the Republican Party’s loyalty pledge, thereby casting a looming shadow of uncertainty over his potential participation in the forthcoming GOP debates while also tangibly affecting the cohesion and unity of the Republican Party as a whole. In a recent and exclusive interview granted … Read more