Holiday Party Gone Wrong: 12 Confirmed Dead and Many Injured

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – A tragic mass shooting at a pre-Christmas party in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato has left at least 12 individuals dead and an equal number injured. The violence occurred in the town of Salvatierra, reportedly at a hacienda, or ranch, that can be rented out for festivities. This violent attack is one of three mass shootings to occur in Mexico over the past weekend.

“So far 12 people are reported dead,” the state’s prosecutor’s office reported on X, the former Twitter. Twelve others who were wounded have been taken to hospitals, according to authorities.

According to witnesses, six heavily armed men entered the party attended by approximately 100 young people. As soon as their presence was noticed, the assailants began firing indiscriminately at the crowd, causing panic and chaos. “We realized they were not invited, and when they were asked who they were, they started shooting,” said a partygoer who asked not to be identified.

The victims, described as well-regarded young individuals, are being mourned deeply by the community. The Tierra Negra Foundation, which promotes social projects in the area, said the victims were young people participating in “posadas,” religious gatherings that celebrate aspects of the story of Christmas.

Carlos Silva, a member of the Tierra Negra Foundation, expressed his horror and sorrow over the violence in Salvatierra through a social media post. The mayor of Salvatierra, German Cervantes, also voiced his condemnation of the tragedy on Facebook, promising full cooperation with the prosecutor’s office.

Guanajuato’s governor, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez, offered his condolences to the families of the victims and reassured the citizens of the state that those responsible would be brought to justice. The governor conveyed this message through social media, aiming to provide some solace during this difficult time.

The recent string of mass shootings in Mexico is a concerning trend that highlights the ongoing issue of gun violence in the country. Authorities are under increasing pressure to address this problem and implement measures to ensure the population’s safety.

The investigation into the Salvatierra mass shooting is still ongoing, with authorities working to identify the assailants and determine their motives.