Man Uses GPS to Track and Kill Ex’s Boyfriend by Stabbing Him 100 Times

JACKSONVILLE, FL – A chilling tale of murder unfolded in Florida as 39-year-old Randall Brown was convicted for the brutal killing of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. The court found Brown guilty of first-degree murder and armed burglary with assault or battery about a violent incident that took place in August 2021.

The case gripped the state and saw Brown use a GPS device to track his former girlfriend, Kissy Mackey, to her new boyfriend’s home. The attack occurred in the early hours of August 3, 2021. Mackey and her boyfriend were rudely awakened by the strong smell of gasoline and smoke and, to their horror, found their front door ablaze.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, which spearheaded the investigation, revealed that Mackey had promptly called 911 to report the stabbing and the fire. She recounted to the officers that her boyfriend had been brutally stabbed over 100 times by an unknown assailant, who had also set their front door on fire. The autopsy confirmed Mackey’s account, revealing that the victim had indeed been stabbed multiple times, with several wounds indicative of the use of a large knife.

The investigation took an unexpected turn when the police received an anonymous tip-off about Mackey’s updated Facebook relationship status. She had changed her status to being in a new relationship with “Randy Brown.” Further investigation into Brown’s Facebook account led to the discovery of a picture of Brown posing with a backpack. This backpack resembled one found in a nearby trash can containing a folding-style knife and a GPS tracking device.

The case against Brown was further strengthened when a co-worker came forward to report Brown’s peculiar behavior on the day of the murder. The co-worker stated that Brown had arrived at work sweating profusely and seemed unusually elated about the victim’s death.

Investigators could link Brown to the crime scene through a receipt and first-aid materials found on an abandoned property. These items were traced back to a Dollar General store where surveillance footage showed Brown. The GPS device found in the backpack was also traced back to Brown, with its last known location being the scene of the murder.

When questioned by the police, Brown admitted to driving Mackey near the victim’s residence after the incident so she could retrieve her vehicle. It was later discovered that Brown had placed the GPS device on Mackey’s car after their breakup and had made incriminating searches on his work phone before the murder.

The prosecutors are now seeking the death penalty for Brown, while Mackey is being prosecuted separately. She is charged with accessory after the fact.