Internet It Girls Take Center Stage in Charli XCX’s ‘360’ Music Video

Los Angeles, California – Charli XCX has released a new music video for her latest song “360” off her upcoming album “Brat.” The video features an array of popular internet personalities and showcases a council of “It” girls deciding the next hot internet sensation. The track, produced by A.G. Cook, features a glittery and hooky sound that sets the stage for the star-studded cast in the video, including familiar faces like Emma Chamberlain and Chloe Sevigny.

The music video kicks off with a comedic sketch at the council of “It” girls, leading to the selection of their next victim as the hot internet girl. The inclusion of various well-known personalities like Hari Nef and Julia Fox adds to the buzz surrounding the video. Charli XCX’s choice of internet favorites for her video reflects her keen interest in embracing the digital culture and spotlighting influential figures online.

The video’s energetic and star-studded scenes, punctuated by ChloĆ« Sevigny’s explosive cigarette toss, leave viewers craving more from this captivating group of girl power. The collaboration of these popular figures in one project sparks curiosity about potential future endeavors involving them. With their presence and impact on the internet world, these “It” girls demonstrate the power of their influence and ability to captivate audiences with their unique personalities and talents.

The release of the music video signifies Charli XCX’s knack for tapping into the current digital landscape and engaging her audience with a fresh and innovative approach. By featuring a diverse group of internet celebrities, the video showcases the evolving dynamics of online stardom and highlights the interconnected nature of digital culture. Charli XCX’s choice to collaborate with these prominent figures underscores her ability to connect with audiences in a meaningful and relevant way, solidifying her status as a pop culture icon in today’s digital age.