Introducing: Dunkin’ Launches Sparkd’ Energy Drink Line with Fruity Flavors and Caffeine Boost

Boston, Massachusetts – Dunkin’ has announced the release of their new line of caffeinated energy drinks called Sparkd’ Energy. The fizzy Sparkd’ drinks will feature a variety of fruit flavors along with added vitamins, minerals, and caffeine, as stated on the brand’s website.

In addition to the new energy drinks, Dunkin’ will also be offering limited-time menu items such as churro donuts and a breakfast empanada on a national scale. The availability of these items is set to begin in the near future.

The caffeine content in the Sparkd’ Energy drinks has been listed, with a large serving containing 192 mg of caffeine – just under half of the recommended daily limit for adults according to nutrition information provided. This comes as energy drinks continue to face scrutiny over potential health risks associated with high caffeine levels.

The announcement from Dunkin’ follows recent controversies surrounding energy drinks sold by Panera Bread. Lawsuits have been filed alleging that Panera’s Charged Lemonades, highly caffeinated beverages in various flavors, have been linked to serious physical harm, including death. Despite warnings added by Panera, the drinks remain available for purchase.

Legal proceedings involving the Panera cases are ongoing, with one of the suits being denied dismissal by a judge, indicating that the resolution of these cases may take some time to progress through the courts. As concerns over the effects of high caffeine content in drinks continue to be raised, the introduction of Dunkin’s Sparkd’ Energy line adds to the ongoing conversation about the potential risks associated with energy drinks.