Caffeine Overload: Panera Bread Faces Lawsuits Over High Caffeine Drinks in Colorado

Denver, Colorado – Many people may not realize just how much caffeine they consume in a day. The effects of excessive caffeine intake can be detrimental to one’s health, causing various issues that may go unnoticed until assessed. One individual decided to take a closer look at their caffeine consumption and was shocked by the … Read more

Caffeine Controversy: Panera Bread Faces Lawsuits Over Charged Lemonade Deception

New York, NY – Panera Bread, a popular restaurant chain, is facing allegations of high levels of caffeine in its Charged Lemonade resulting in severe health complications and even death for some customers. Despite the lawsuits, the chain has chosen to keep the beverage on its menu, sparking controversy and raising questions about the safety … Read more

Introducing: Dunkin’ Launches Sparkd’ Energy Drink Line with Fruity Flavors and Caffeine Boost

Boston, Massachusetts – Dunkin’ has announced the release of their new line of caffeinated energy drinks called Sparkd’ Energy. The fizzy Sparkd’ drinks will feature a variety of fruit flavors along with added vitamins, minerals, and caffeine, as stated on the brand’s website. In addition to the new energy drinks, Dunkin’ will also be offering … Read more