Jealousy-fueled murder: Woman convicted for running over fiance after party.

Rode Heath, Cheshire – A 23-year-old woman has been found guilty of murdering her fiancé by running him over with her car in an argument following a party.

Alice Wood, a philosophy student, was convicted of the murder of her partner, Ryan Watson, 24, after hitting him with her Ford Fiesta near their home. Despite claiming that it was a tragic accident, the jury unanimously delivered the guilty verdict after less than eight hours of deliberation.

The couple had attended a party in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, before the incident occurred. Witnesses reported that Wood and Watson had an argument after leaving the party, with Wood accusing Watson of flirting with other men. The situation escalated as they returned to their house, resulting in Wood using her car as a weapon, ultimately leading to Watson’s tragic death.

Wood’s sentencing is scheduled to take place on 29 January, and the judge has stated that she may face life imprisonment with the possibility of never being released. Detective Inspector Nigel Parr of Cheshire Constabulary emphasized that Wood deliberately used her vehicle as a weapon while under the influence of alcohol, leading to the brutal killing of her partner.

The family of the victim expressed their anguish, stating that Wood had taken away the opportunity for Watson to fulfill his dreams. They emphasized the devastating impact of Wood’s actions, calling for her to be held accountable for her violent crime. The prosecution also highlighted the tragic loss of a young man’s life due to Wood’s jealousy, ultimately resulting in the brutal killing of her partner.

The guilty verdict in the murder trial has brought closure to the case, providing a sense of justice for the victim’s family. Wood’s claim of a tragic accident has been refuted by the evidence, leading to the undeniable conclusion of her responsibility for the death of her fiancé.