Judge Orders Pence To Testify Regarding The Events Surrounding January 6

The Judge ordered that the former vice president must testify before the grand jury investigating President Trump on January 6. According to persons familiar with the order, a federal court decided that former Vice President Mike Pence must appear before a grand jury by January 6, 2021, about his discussions with former President Donald Trump. The Judge rejected Mr. Trump’s claims of executive privilege.

Judge James Boasberg said in a sealed ruling on Tuesday that Mr. Pence is not protected from giving testimony about any alleged illegal conduct by Mr. Trump. Mr. Pence can decline to answer some questions regarding his role as president of the Senate during the certification of President Biden’s victory on that day, according to a person with knowledge.

Judge Boasberg’s order, which may be challenged, came less than a week after he had a closed-door hearing on the case. Mr. Pence told reporters last month that, if necessary, he would appeal the subpoena issued by special counsel Jack Smith for his testimony to the Supreme Court.

This is the latest victory that Mr. Smith has scored. A federal court in Washington ruled earlier this month that Mr. Smith’s team produced sufficient evidence that Mr. Trump may have deceived his attorneys about his post-White House preservation of classified papers. The order compels Evan Corcoran to testify. On Friday, Mr. Corcoran went before the grand jury for almost three hours.

As a result of the ruling from the US District Court in Washington, DC’s chief judge James Boasberg, special counsel Jack Smith has won more than a dozen cases forcing witnesses to testify. What is unusual is that this case deals with the separation of powers and the powers of the vice president.  Mr. Pence will now have the opportunity to appeal the Judge’s decision.

In an interview with Newsmax’s Greta Van Susteren, the former vice president said his team is “considering the court’s judgment” and the requirements of his testimony going forward. The decision is currently being analyzed. Mr. Pence has also advised that he will say more in the coming days.”

Mr. Trump and his backers have been accused of exerting intense pressure on the former Vice President about the vote to certify Joe Biden as the winner of the 2016 presidential election. As Senate president, Pence was responsible for presiding over the certification process.

In the days surrounding the Capitol Riots, Mr. Trump’s communications with Mr. Pence have been of great interest to those investigating the riot. When Mr. Pence declined to testify before the House committee that probed the uprising on January 6, sources in Mr. Trump’s inner circle told the committee about a furious phone call in which Mr. Trump insulted his vice president on the day of the attack.