Lamentation: A Story of Loss, Healing, and Faith that Never Left

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – When Marie-Anne Thiang, 33, composed the worship song “You Never Left,” it was a raw lament borne out of multiple crises and deep grief over the past decade and a half.

As an only child, Marie-Anne’s childhood was marked by constant relocations due to her father’s job obligations. The constant moving, coupled with her introverted nature, made it difficult for her to socialize. This led her to find solace in books and television, without properly addressing her feelings.

At 16, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and Marie-Anne was confronted with the possibility of losing her. Despite praying for her mother’s recovery, Marie-Anne couldn’t shake the feeling of helplessness as she watched her mother’s condition deteriorate. Ultimately, she lost her mother to cancer, leaving her to grieve and find solace in the peace of God.

After her mother’s passing, she leaned on her church community for support but eventually had to leave due to disagreements with the teachings. After grappling with her faith and seeking a community that could address her doubts and questions, she found a church that provided the openness and honesty she needed.

Just as she was starting to find her place in her new church community, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, bringing with it further challenges as her father and stepmother fell ill and her father ultimately passed away. Despite the darkness and despair, Marie-Anne found hope and support through her church community and counseling sessions with a Christian counselor.

Two years on, Marie-Anne acknowledges that she is still on her journey of healing, but she has found a balanced perspective on her faith, church leadership, and her approach to prayer and Bible reading. She has emerged with a healthier approach to her faith, recognizing the importance of remaining steadfast and never walking away from God’s presence.

In the midst of her darkness and despair, Marie-Anne realized that it was crucial for her to remain steadfast in her faith. She also found a renewed purpose in composing the song “You Never Left,” which reflects her journey of grief, doubt, and ultimately, endurance. Through all her losses, Marie-Anne realized that God never left her.

In conclusion, Marie-Anne Thiang’s journey through grief and loss has led her to a renewed understanding of faith, resilience, and the unwavering presence of God through the challenges of life. Her experiences serve as a testament to the strength found in community, the importance of seeking answers to doubt and questioning, and the enduring hope that can be found even in the darkest moments.