Healing: East Lansdowne Community Unites after Shooting and Fire

East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania – A community healing event took place at East Lansdowne Elementary to commemorate the lives lost in a tragic shooting and fire incident involving the Le family. Organized by Mayor Majovie Bland, the Red Cross, and William Penn School District, the event aimed to bring solace to the grieving community after the … Read more

“Healing” Rituals Involving Frog Poison Linked to Multiple Deaths in Australia, Coroner Finds

Lismore, NSW – A recent coroner’s report uncovered concerning practices in the alternative healing industry involving frog poison ceremonies that have led to tragic outcomes. The tragic death of Natasha Lechner, 39, in 2019 during a kambo ceremony has shed light on the dangers associated with this South American ritual. Despite the belief in its … Read more

Rev. Sharon Risher Advocates for Healing Over Death Penalty in Response to Buffalo Supermarket Shooter’s Sentencing

Rev. Sharon Risher expressed her deep sorrow and empathy for the families affected by the tragic events in Buffalo, New York on May 14, 2022. As someone who has personally experienced the anguish of losing loved ones to violence, Risher can relate to the pain and devastation felt by those who have suffered in similar … Read more

Struggling with Grief Overload After Multiple Deaths: Why Understanding and Support are Crucial to Healing

LOS ANGELES, CA – Facing multiple deaths in a short span of time can overwhelm individuals with what experts call cumulative grief. This type of grief, also known as grief overload, has been thrust into the spotlight after the recent death of “Euphoria” star, Angus Cloud, 25. According to grief expert David Kessler, cumulative grief … Read more

Goodale Sentenced for the Murder of Nohema Graber: Family Seeks Healing After 25 Year Sentence

DES MOINES, Iowa – Barbara Graber, the former sister-in-law of murder victim Nohema Graber, expressed hope that the recent sentencing of Jeremy Goodale, one of the convicted killers, to at least 25 years in prison will provide her family with some closure. Goodale and his accomplice Willard Miller pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the … Read more

Monterey Park Mass Shooting: Community Remembrance Fair Triumphs Over Tragedy with Healing and Celebration

Monterey Park, California – Almost a year after the tragic mass shooting at the Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio, the Asian American Pacific Islander community is coming together to honor the resilience and unity that emerged from the devastating event. This Community Remembrance Fair, set to take place on January 13, aims to provide a … Read more

Lamentation: A Story of Loss, Healing, and Faith that Never Left

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – When Marie-Anne Thiang, 33, composed the worship song “You Never Left,” it was a raw lament borne out of multiple crises and deep grief over the past decade and a half. As an only child, Marie-Anne’s childhood was marked by constant relocations due to her father’s job obligations. The constant moving, … Read more