Life-Saving Plea: Leeds Dad Urgently Needs Liver Transplant to Treat Rare Disease

LEEDS, UK – 27-year-old Jack Pridmore is facing a daunting battle as he waits for a life-saving liver transplant. Since being diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis, a rare autoimmune disease affecting his liver’s bile ducts, Jack has been on the transplant list since July but has yet to find a donor. Desperate for help, Jack has put out an urgent appeal to the public to help treat his condition.

Jack’s illness has had a profound impact on his life, with numerous hospital visits and a recent emergency rush to A&E due to extreme swelling in his body. His fiancĂ©e, Shannon Rose, expressed the toll it has taken on their family, including their young son who is struggling to understand the situation. Not only has it been emotionally distressing for the family, but Jack’s illness has also limited his ability to travel far from Leeds, as he needs to be available at all times in case a liver becomes available.

Shannon herself tried to donate part of her liver to Jack, but they were found to be incompatible. While there are always risks involved, live liver donation is considered low risk to the donor, according to NHS. Nonetheless, the couple is still appealing for potential donors to come forward, hopeful that someone will be able to help Jack in his time of need.

A liver transplant is the only treatment for Jack’s condition, but the wait for a donor has left him feeling like he’s facing a “death sentence.” His loved ones cling to the hope of finding a suitable donor who can change Jack’s life for the better. For more information on liver donation and how to become a living donor, visit the NHS website.