Greek Shipping Company Scene of Rare Shooting: 1 Killed, 2 Injured

Athens, Greece – A rare shooting incident at a Greek shipping company in Athens on Monday left one person dead and two others injured, according to police sources and state television ERT. The shooter, a former employee at the company located in the southern suburb of Glyfada, entered the building and opened fire on employees, … Read more

Rare Aubrite Asteroid Exploded Over Berlin, Fragments Recovered

Berlin, Germany – On January 21st, 2024, an asteroid roughly the size of a meter entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded above the city of Berlin at 12:33 am UTC. The incident was observed and filmed by many, resembling the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteorite explosion in Russia. Prior to its entry into Earth’s atmosphere, the asteroid, designated … Read more

Gamma Ray Burst Leads to Rare Disturbance in Earth’s Ionosphere

On August 1, 1983, the Earth experienced a significant disturbance in its atmosphere due to a gamma ray burst (GRB) believed to have originated from the explosion of a nearby massive star. This event had a noticeable effect on low-frequency radio waves traveling around the planet by disturbing the lower ionosphere, a partially ionized region … Read more

Torture Case Shocking Details Revealed in Kent County: Inside the Rare and Horrific Crimes That Rocked the Community

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – In recent criminal cases in Kent County, harrowing details have emerged, including a woman having most of her teeth forcibly removed with pliers, a malnourished teen being restrained with ratchet straps, and a woman being electrocuted in her basement. These shocking scenes are not from a horror film or dark web … Read more

Elephant Killer: Rare Bacterium Identified as Cause of Mysterious African Elephant Deaths in Zimbabwe

VICTORIA FALLS, Zimbabwe – Three years ago, Zimbabwe experienced the sudden deaths of dozens of African elephants, sparking an investigation into the cause. Now, researchers have identified the elusive killer as a rare and little-known bacterium that can lead to deadly hemorrhaging through organ inflammation. Known as Pasteurellaceae Bisgaard taxon 45, the pathogen was found … Read more

Orcas Make Rare Journey North to Southern California, Baffling Experts and Thrilling Whale Watchers

California, US – The waters of Southern California have become the stage for a rare and captivating sight this holiday season as orcas, typically found in the waters off Mexico, have been spotted hunting along the coast. From the Channel Islands to San Diego, groups of up to a dozen of these marine apex predators … Read more

Life-Saving Plea: Leeds Dad Urgently Needs Liver Transplant to Treat Rare Disease

LEEDS, UK – 27-year-old Jack Pridmore is facing a daunting battle as he waits for a life-saving liver transplant. Since being diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis, a rare autoimmune disease affecting his liver’s bile ducts, Jack has been on the transplant list since July but has yet to find a donor. Desperate for help, Jack … Read more