Major Wins For Floridians: Recapping What DeSantis Accomplished This Past Week

This Past week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed several measures to tackle crime and the left’s ideological takeover of the country’s corporate sector.

The Republican governor signed HB 1297, which permits the death sentence for those found guilty of sexual assault against children under 12, into law on Monday. According to The Daily Caller, the measure blatantly contradicts the 5-4 Kennedy v. Louisiana decision of the U.S. Supreme Court from 2008, which outlawed the death sentence in such situations when the victim lived.

DeSantis asserted that the death penalty is the only acceptable punishment in the worst scenarios. As a result, the measure establishes a process for challenging that precedent. A press conference on Florida’s anti-crime, pro-public safety laws included signing HB 1297.

DeSantis also authorized the signing of HB 1359 and HB 1627 on Monday. The former would reinforce Florida’s bail regulations and shield Floridians against liberal, soft-on-crime bail revisions. The latter would toughen penalties for anybody caught smuggling fentanyl that resembles candies.

According to a news statement from DeSantis’ office, people who traffic in such narcotics could receive a life term, a minimum 25-year sentence, and a $1 million fine.

DeSantis is battling the left’s attempts to push so-called ESG (environmental, social, and governance) norms in addition to enforcing the law. The Florida Republican approved HB 3 on Tuesday, protecting consumers’ access to financial services in Florida and outlawing [ESG] factors in investment decisions, according to a local news source.

ESG is a technique used to assess organizations according to how “woke” they are, as media outlets have previously reported. ESG models use measures created by investors, financiers, activists, and, in certain instances, government authorities to reward or penalize companies based on their adherence to leftist ideals like social and environmental justice. In March, Florida joined nearly 20 other states in launching a partnership to defend residents from ESG influences in the banking and state systems.

During the bill signing on Tuesday, DeSantis stated that Republicans understand the risks associated with this agenda, adding that it is not their agenda or the agenda of the typical Floridian or American. He said that what is occurring is an elite-imposed agenda and that these people are attempting to marshal their considerable financial power, economic resources, and corporate resources to support their particular political objective, which is improper.

DeSantis has also signed bills this year that permit constitutional carry and outlaw the murdering of unborn children after six weeks of pregnancy in addition to the aforementioned laws. The Florida governor is expected to sign legislation in the coming weeks that prohibits school personnel from teaching K–8 students about gender identity and sexual orientation, forbids public universities from utilizing federal or state funding for divisive “DEI” programs, tightens immigration enforcement, and outlaws dangerous and permanent transgender surgeries and drugs for minors.