Minors Arrested for Violently Attacking Gas Station Seller in Binyamin

Zichron Ya’akov, Israel – In a disturbing incident at a gas station kiosk in Binyamin, a seller was brutally attacked by a group of minors aged 16-17 after he refused to sell them cigarettes. The Zichron Ya’akov police station launched an investigation following reports of the violent assault, which left the seller injured.

The altercation began when the seller, recognizing the minors as underage, declined to sell them cigarettes. In retaliation, the group vandalized the store and later returned to physically assault the seller with punches and kicks. The boys even demanded money from the injured seller before fleeing the scene.

Upon receiving the report, Zichron police officers promptly responded by searching for the suspects. Shortly after, they apprehended several minors matching the description, who were later taken in for questioning at the Zichron Ya’akov station and subsequently detained. Authorities are planning to request an extension of their detention based on the ongoing investigation’s findings.

The Israel Police expressed a commitment to combatting bullying and violence in all forms, emphasizing the importance of public safety and security. Sustained efforts will be made to uphold peace and order in the community and prevent such acts from recurring.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by frontline workers, such as the gas station seller, in enforcing age-restricted sales policies. It also highlights the pervasive issue of youth violence and the importance of swift and effective law enforcement responses to such offenses.

Video footage capturing the attack circulated, shedding light on the severity of the incident and underscoring the need for continued vigilance against acts of aggression and intimidation. The police’s swift action in apprehending the suspects sends a strong message that such behavior will not be tolerated in the community.