Explosion Fallout: Neighbors Sue Propane Company and Property Owners for December Blast

West Park, Florida – A devastating explosion rocked a West Park community in December, leaving neighbors reeling months later as they seek justice through legal action. Three separate lawsuits have been filed by residents who allege that AmeriGas, the propane company responsible for the tank outside the exploded house, and the property owners share responsibility for the damages incurred.

The explosion occurred late at night on December 19, causing fire and debris to damage multiple homes in the community, with visible aftermath still present today. Neighbors like Tangela Jordan, who had to board up her windows and live in fear across the street from the blast site, express how the incident has taken a toll on their daily lives.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney Cam Justice on behalf of the affected families, claims that AmeriGas failed to properly maintain the propane tank, which had been leased to a previous owner of the house years before the current owners bought the property. The current owners deny responsibility, pointing out that a contractor had been working near the tank the day before the explosion.

A Broward County fire investigation revealed witnesses who detected a gas odor before the explosion, suggesting a possible gas leak that led to the catastrophic event. The City of West Park has since cited the owners with code violations, further complicating the legal battle and the cleanup process for the affected neighbors.

For individuals like Timothee Sonel, who had recently purchased a house to renovate before it was destroyed in the explosion, the loss is not just physical but also financial. He alleges that the insurance policy he thought was in place was never activated, leaving him with a total loss and nowhere to live.

Annette Brown, another homeowner impacted by the blast, faced serious health effects following the explosion and now finds herself in a precarious situation as she navigates the aftermath. With emotional and financial challenges mounting, the impacted neighbors seek closure and restitution for the turmoil brought on by the explosion in their community.