Killer of Long Beach Teen Briana Soto Caught on Camera: Authorities Seek Public Help

Long Beach, California – Authorities are seeking the public’s assistance in locating the person responsible for the tragic shooting death of a 17-year-old girl named Briana Soto in Long Beach back in March. Soto was fatally wounded on the night of March 26 near 11th Street and Lewis Avenue and succumbed to her injuries at a local hospital.

During a press conference at the Long Beach Police Department headquarters, LBPD Chief Wally Hebeish shared security footage capturing a suspect walking in the vicinity of where the young teen was shot. The individual, described as a male wearing dark clothing and a face mask, was seen on security cameras in the area moments before the tragedy occurred.

Hebeish emphasized the urgency of the investigation, stating, “The video we’re releasing today, which was taken from security cameras, shows a suspect walking in the area just prior to the murder.” He added, “We also have reason to believe the suspect ran southbound immediately following the murder and began removing garments.”

Reports indicate that Soto was returning home from her job at a McDonald’s when she was fatally shot. The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear, prompting authorities to request the community’s collaboration in bringing the perpetrator to justice.

Individuals with any information related to the case are encouraged to reach out to Detectives Ethan Shear or Chasen Contreras at 562-570-7244. The investigation into the tragic death of Briana Soto continues, with authorities determined to find answers and seek justice for her untimely passing.