Queens Community Shaken: Vicious Assault on Beloved Deli Worker Caught on Camera

Woodside, NY — A 65-year-old deli worker in Woodside, Queens, suffered a severe assault that left him critically injured, his family said Wednesday. The attack, which occurred late Monday, involved a suspect known in the neighborhood for his distinctive appearance and unsettling behavior. Surveillance footage from the deli on 64th Street and Broadway shows the … Read more

Explosive Device Thrown at Mesa Resident’s Front Door Caught on Camera

Mesa, Arizona – A shocking incident unfolded in Mesa, Arizona, when surveillance footage captured a man approaching a residence, lighting an object on fire, and throwing it at the front door. The video shows the explosive device detonating upon impact, causing a significant explosion. The incident, which occurred in broad daylight, has left residents in … Read more

Explosion Tragedy Unfolds in Youngstown with Deadly Gas Line Accident Captured on Body Camera

Youngstown, Ohio – Authorities in Youngstown have released body camera footage revealing more details about the tragic explosion that occurred, resulting in one fatality and injuring seven others. The incident unfolded on a Tuesday afternoon, with one woman remaining in critical condition in the hospital as of Thursday. The identities of the victims and specifics … Read more

Explosion aftermath captured on body camera in Youngstown, Ohio: Shocking footage reveals heroic first responders’ actions

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – A tragic gas explosion rocked downtown Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday, leaving devastation and chaos in its wake. The Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office body camera captured the harrowing moments following the explosion at the Realty building, home to Chase Bank and apartments. As first responders rushed to the scene, debris scattered across the … Read more

Internal Affairs Investigation Findings Released in Attack on State Representative Maryam Khan – Hartford Police Body Camera Footage Reviewed

HARTFORD, CT – Following a disturbing incident at the XL Center involving state Representative Maryam Khan, Hartford police have recently unveiled the results of an internal affairs investigation. The shocking attack on Khan during a Muslim prayer service sparked outrage and raised questions about the response of law enforcement on that fateful day. In an … Read more

Attack Caught on Camera: Diddy to Face No Charges for Beating Cassie Ventura 2016

Los Angeles, CA – The 2016 incident involving rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs and his former girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, has resurfaced with the emergence of security camera footage showing a violent attack at a Los Angeles hotel. The footage, which aired on CNN, depicts Combs allegedly assaulting Ventura in a disturbing incident captured in the now-closed … Read more

Killer of Long Beach Teen Briana Soto Caught on Camera: Authorities Seek Public Help

Long Beach, California – Authorities are seeking the public’s assistance in locating the person responsible for the tragic shooting death of a 17-year-old girl named Briana Soto in Long Beach back in March. Soto was fatally wounded on the night of March 26 near 11th Street and Lewis Avenue and succumbed to her injuries at … Read more

Boy Killed in Daylight Shooting Captured on Doorbell Camera in Portsmouth

Portsmouth, Virginia – A tragic incident unfolded on Farragut Street in Portsmouth, as the peaceful neighborhood was shattered by the sound of gunfire that claimed the life of a 10-year-old boy. The heart-wrenching moment was captured by a doorbell camera, revealing the chilling aftermath of the shooting that occurred in broad daylight. The suspect, Shawnday … Read more

Random Attack in Plaza District: Man Jailed After Brutal Assault on Three Women Caught on Camera

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – A man is behind bars following a disturbing incident in the Plaza District where he randomly attacked three women. The violent assault, captured on camera outside a bar late Friday night, has shocked the local community. One of the victims had to be rushed to the hospital by EMSA for treatment. … Read more

Shopper’s Hair-Raising Encounter with Killer Caught on Camera

Sydney, Australia – A chilling moment unfolded in a busy shopping center when a brave shopper stared a killer in the eye. The incident took place at a clothing store where the perpetrator attempted to flee after committing a heinous crime. The courageous shopper, who was later hailed as a hero by witnesses, confronted the … Read more