Propane Canister Explosion Destroys Toyota 4-Runner in Van Nuys Shopping Center Parking Lot

Van Nuys, California – An explosion shattered a Toyota 4-Runner SUV in a Van Nuys shopping center parking lot, unsettling nearby residents on a Thursday night. Responding to reports of the blast around 10:30 p.m., police arrived at the 7000 block of Van Nuys Boulevard near Sherman Way. Upon arrival, they discovered the severely damaged … Read more

Propane Leak Causes Camper Explosion in Northfield, MA: Safety Reminder Issued by Authorities

NORTHFIELD, Mass. – Authorities responded to a camper explosion in Northfield on Wednesday morning, prompting action from local police and fire departments. The incident, which occurred around 6:50 a.m., is believed to have been caused by a propane leak in the camper’s propane and electric-powered refrigerator. Thankfully, no injuries were reported as the camper was … Read more

Propane explosion in Northfield camper causes no injuries or damage

NORTHFIELD, Massachusetts – A propane explosion in a camper parked at a home on East Street in Northfield on Wednesday morning caused no injuries or damage to the nearby residence. Northfield’s public safety departments responded to the incident at 54 East St. around 6:41 a.m. following reports of an explosion. Fire Chief Floyd “Skip” Dunnell … Read more

Propane Explosion Claims Lives of Children and Elderly Woman in North Sioux City House Fire

NORTH SIOUX CITY, South Dakota – Tragedy struck a family in North Sioux City over the weekend as two children, one infant, and an elderly woman lost their lives in a devastating house explosion and fire. Identified as Ezra Josiah Allen, 1 year old; Keenan Andre Allen, 8; and Sharon Kay Allen, 75, the victims … Read more

Explosion-Damaged Homes in West Park Lead to Lawsuits Against Propane Company and Homeowners

WEST PARK, FLORIDA – Three families whose homes were devastated by an overnight propane explosion in December in West Park have taken legal action by filing lawsuits in Broward County. The explosion, which occurred at a home on 5206 SW 20th St., owned by Redes Ledix and Pierre Mertus, left nothing standing in its wake. … Read more

Explosion Fallout: Neighbors Sue Propane Company and Property Owners for December Blast

West Park, Florida – A devastating explosion rocked a West Park community in December, leaving neighbors reeling months later as they seek justice through legal action. Three separate lawsuits have been filed by residents who allege that AmeriGas, the propane company responsible for the tank outside the exploded house, and the property owners share responsibility … Read more

Propane Explosion Litigation Unfolds: Attorney Reacts to State Findings in Copiah County

BARLOW, Mississippi – Following a fatal propane explosion in Copiah County, Attorney Ben Wilson from Morgan and Morgan expressed his lack of surprise at the undetermined cause ruling by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Wilson anticipated this outcome, as he stated that fire investigations often end as undetermined unless there is clear evidence. The SFMO … Read more

Propane Explosion Investigation Concluded in Copiah County: Litigation Expected

BARLOW, Miss. – The investigation into a fatal propane explosion that claimed the lives of four individuals in Copiah County in January 2024 has been concluded by the Mississippi State Fire Marshal’s Office. The tragic incident resulted in the deaths of Loyd Star Attendance Center student Toler Jordan, his cousin Houston “Bubba” Jordan, Bubba’s father … Read more

Propane Explosion Sparks Panic in Green Valley as Garage Fire Erupts, Golf Cart Blamed

Green Valley, South Dakota – A dangerous situation unfolded in the unincorporated Rapid City suburb of Green Valley this past weekend, when a garage fire triggered a propane explosion, creating chaos in the area. Despite the large emergency response that descended upon the neighborhood on Saturday afternoon, authorities were relieved to report that no injuries … Read more

Explosive Propane Fire Creates Chaos in Green Valley Community

Green Valley, South Dakota – A garage fire in the small community of Green Valley has led to smoky skies and a propane explosion, causing concern among residents. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon, sending plumes of smoke into the air and triggering a loud explosion that could be heard from miles away. Emergency responders … Read more