Ontario Murder Suspect Investigation Extends to Saskatchewan

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan – The investigation into a man facing 14 murder charges in Ontario has been extended to Saskatchewan. Kenneth Law is accused of selling poison and aiding in multiple deaths, sparking a worldwide inquiry.

Law allegedly operated several websites to sell deadly substances, including sodium nitrite, a food preservative that can be lethal at high doses. Peel Regional Police claim that Law sent over 1,200 packages to people in more than 40 countries, with at least 160 packages reaching Canadian addresses. Authorities in Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, and Regina confirmed the receipt of these packages.

Moose Jaw police suspect a connection between Law and one of its ongoing investigations. Similarly, Saskatoon Police is assisting the Peel police investigation, as they believe kits were sold to residents in Saskatoon, resulting in at least one death. However, they do not expect to press charges due to insufficient evidence.

Regina Police also identified a potential victim in their city but determined that the death was not linked to Law. Additionally, the Saskatchewan RCMP stated that no current charges against Law exist within its jurisdiction.

Law’s activities are believed to be linked to 117 deaths worldwide, with the majority occurring in the UK. He is suspected of shipping packages to multiple other countries, prompting Peel police to urge the public to be vigilant about home deliveries from specific companies.

These developments shed light on the far-reaching consequences of Law’s alleged actions, necessitating a collaborative effort by law enforcement agencies across different jurisdictions to investigate and address the impact of his activities.