Propane Tank Explosion Caught on Surveillance Footage at Sacramento Sikh Temple

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A surveillance footage revealed a propane tank explosion that occurred at a Sikh temple in the south Sacramento area at the end of January. The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District confirmed that the incident took place at a building on the property, directly across from the Gurdwara Sacramento Sikh Society in the Vineyard community.

The temple confirmed through surveillance footage that multiple propane cylinders exploded with no one in close proximity. Newly released footage depicted a burst of flames emanating from the building into the parking lot, damaging at least two vehicles. One of the burning propane tanks was also seen flying into the parking lot.

According to Metro Fire, the footage ruled out arson, and the origin of the fire was traced to the stored propane tanks. However, the exact cause of the fire and explosion remains undetermined. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

The footage also showed that several propane tanks were blown over 50 feet, and the fire burned into the building’s attic space, resulting in a partial collapse. Although the temple’s structure was not impacted, the incident caused significant damage. The content of the article conveyed the severity of the explosion and the miraculous escape of any harm to individuals, providing a comprehensive understanding of the event.