Russian Man Suspected of Being Prostitute Serial Killer After Confessing to Beheading Escort

MOSCOW, Russia – A Russian man, Alexei Varakin, has confessed to the brutal murder of an escort, Vlada Skitskaya, in Moscow after he was unable to perform sexually due to intoxication. This has led authorities to suspect that he may be a prostitute serial killer. Skitskaya, who had moved to Moscow in search of a better life, reportedly fought back against Varakin before being dismembered. Additionally, Varakin admitted to the killing of another prostitute, Olga Vorobyova, who was found beheaded near a hotel in Moscow.

Varakin had a history of violence and had previously been admitted to a mental hospital for stabbing two prostitutes in 2010. After his release, he isolated himself in a hotel where he later committed the recent murders. According to reports, he blamed alcohol and minor conflicts for his actions. Authorities are now conducting forensic examinations to determine if there are more victims linked to Varakin.

The disturbing nature of these crimes has shocked the community and raised concerns about the safety of sex workers in Moscow. Russian authorities are working diligently to bring justice to the victims and ensure the safety of others in the midst of this terrifying revelation.

In summary, Varakin’s chilling admission of guilt has initiated a broader investigation into his potential involvement in the murders of other sex workers. Despite his claims of being “cured” after his previous stint in a mental institution, authorities are left grappling with the question of how they can prevent similar tragedies in the future.