Satirical True Crime Series ‘Based on a True Story’ Blends Hilarity and Horrific Acts in Murderous Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA – A new dark comedy, “Based on a True Story,” takes a satirical look at the world of true crime, exploring the graphic and disturbing nature of murder with a humorous twist. The series opens with a brutal stabbing, setting the tone for a show that delves into the unsettling world of serial killing in southern California. The main character, Matt, is a charming plumber caught in a web of blackmail and podcast stardom as he navigates his life as a serial killer.

As the story unfolds, the show’s humor is evident in its portrayal of the characters, including the Bartletts, a couple who become entangled in Matt’s criminal activities. The series cleverly critiques society’s obsession with true crime, labeling it as “the great American art form,” while also taking aim at the vapidities of Los Angeles and social media. With a talented cast and sharp script, “Based on a True Story” delivers a clever and fun take on a dark subject matter.

The show draws parallels with other dark comedies like “Barry,” as it forces viewers to grapple with the disturbing nature of murder while finding moments of dark humor within the narrative. However, the series does not shy away from the graphic nature of the crimes, using dark humor to highlight the disturbing aspects of true crime entertainment.

“Based on a True Story” is a guilty pleasure for those with a taste for dark comedy, as it navigates the fine line between entertainment and discomfort. Despite its captivating storytelling and humor, the series ultimately ends on an unsatisfying note, leaving viewers without a clear resolution.

In conclusion, “Based on a True Story” presents a clever and witty take on the true crime genre, using dark humor to address society’s morbid fascination with murder. With its talented cast and sharp script, the series delivers an entertaining yet unsettling look at the darker sides of human nature and entertainment.