**Serial Domestic Violence Abuser Leroy Wilton Avoids Deportation from Australia**

Orange, New South Wales – Leroy Wilton, a 35-year-old New Zealand citizen residing in Australia, has a troubling history of criminal behavior, drug use, and violence against women. After a brutal attack on his partner, which led to his visa being canceled, Wilton faced deportation back to New Zealand. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal reviewed his case and decided not to deport him, allowing him to remain in Australia.

Wilton’s criminal record includes multiple convictions for offenses such as assault causing bodily harm, stalking, intimidation, and property damage, all related to domestic violence. He has a long history of run-ins with the law, including numerous driving offenses and breaches of court orders. The tribunal expressed concerns about his ability to stay off drugs and manage his mental health issues effectively.

Despite Wilton’s claims of mental health struggles and personal hardships, including losing a child to stillbirth and battling drug addiction, the tribunal ultimately decided to allow him to stay in Australia. His family’s emotional testimony, detailing their own struggles with drugs and the potential impact of his deportation, played a significant role in the tribunal’s decision-making process.

While some members of Wilton’s family and the father of his children supported his stay in Australia, the tribunal acknowledged the expectations of the community regarding his behavior and the consequences of granting him another chance. Wilton assured the tribunal that he is now drug-free and committed to continuing treatment for his mental health issues.

The tribunal emphasized the importance of considering the needs of Wilton’s children and the emotional impact on his family in making the decision to allow him to remain in Australia. Despite public expectations, the tribunal believed that revoking the cancellation of Wilton’s visa was the correct and preferable decision.

In response to the case, the New South Wales government announced a $230 million emergency package to address issues related to domestic violence, highlighting the ongoing efforts to combat such crimes in the community. Wilton’s case raises questions about the balance between justice for victims of domestic violence and rehabilitation for offenders, as well as the complexities of addressing mental health and addiction issues within the criminal justice system.