Shooting rampage in Athens leaves three dead, including head of Greek shipping company

ATHENS, Greece – A tragic incident unfolded at the offices of a Greek shipping company in the capital city of Athens on Monday. A former employee, reportedly disgruntled, entered the building and fatally shot the head of the company along with two others before taking his own life, according to a police spokesperson.

The shooting took place at the offices of European Navigation in Glyfada, a suburb in South Athens. Authorities, including police, fire engines, and ambulances, quickly descended on the scene to respond to the violence.

The EKAM, Greece’s anti-terrorism forces, were the first to enter the building after the incident, at around 11:15 am (local time), reported the Greek newspaper Proto Thema. Two men and a woman were killed before the shooter barricaded himself inside. The owner of the company, European Product Carriers, was among those killed, according to police spokeswoman Konstantina Dimoglidou.

The alleged gunman, a 76-year-old former employee, was later found dead in another area of the building, along with two women who had been locked in a bathroom during the attack. The shooter had reportedly instructed employees to leave before carrying out the shooting.

Reports indicate that the gunman was an Egyptian national who had been terminated from his position at the firm. The police have not released the name of the company involved or the identities of the victims and the alleged perpetrator.

Officials in Greece have cordoned off the area and are currently investigating the incident. Shootings, outside of gang-related activity, are rare in Greece due to the country’s strict laws over gun possession. The tragic event has left the community and authorities in shock, and it serves as a reminder of the impact of workplace violence.