Safety: Athens Mayor to Address Community Initiatives and Immigration Status Following Murder of Laken Riley

Athens, Georgia – The mayor of Athens-Clarke County is set to address safety concerns following the tragic murder of 22-year-old Laken Riley on the University of Georgia’s campus. Mayor Kelly Girtz will hold a press conference at Athens-Clarke County Police Department Headquarters on Wednesday at 9 a.m. In response to the murder, Girtz is expected … Read more

Man Charged with Murder After Fatal Shooting in Athens

ATHENS, Ga. — On Monday morning, a tragic incident unfolded in Winterville, as the Athens-Clarke County Police Department reported a fatal shooting. The victim, identified as 48-year-old Willie Antonio Jewell, was found dead from a gunshot wound on the 1200 block of Athens Road. Shortly after the shooting, authorities arrested 26-year-old Cedric Robbie Jones and … Read more

Shooting rampage in Athens leaves three dead, including head of Greek shipping company

ATHENS, Greece – A tragic incident unfolded at the offices of a Greek shipping company in the capital city of Athens on Monday. A former employee, reportedly disgruntled, entered the building and fatally shot the head of the company along with two others before taking his own life, according to a police spokesperson. The shooting … Read more

ATHENS: Shock Waves Follow Powerful Bomb Blast at Labor Ministry

ATHENS, Greece – A powerful bomb blast ripped through central Athens, causing widespread damage to the city’s Labor ministry and raising concerns among authorities about a resurgence of terrorism in the country. The explosion, claimed by a new urban guerilla group known as the Revolutionary Class Self-Defense, shattered the steel-and-glass façade of the ministry and … Read more

“Explsion near Ministry of Labor in Athens under police investigation” – Crisis24

ATHENS, Greece – Greek authorities are currently investigating an explosion that occurred near the Ministry of Labor in Athens in the early hours of February 3rd. The explosion caused damage to surrounding buildings, but fortunately, no injuries have been reported at this time. Police officials are working to determine the cause of the blast and … Read more