Shooting Suspect Arrested After Teen Killed in Nashville Incident

Nashville, Tennessee authorities have taken a 19-year-old individual into custody following a fatal shooting incident that claimed the life of another teen in Madison. Detectives apprehended Jaylin Sanford in West Nashville shortly after Kenneth Buford Jr., also 19, succumbed to his injuries. The tragic event unfolded on Monday afternoon at a field near North Gallatin Pike where Buford was discovered critically wounded. Despite efforts to save him at Skyline Medical Center, Buford could not be revived, marking a devastating loss for the community.

Authorities have indicated that Sanford allegedly used an automatic pistol during the shooting, a claim supported by video surveillance footage obtained by investigators. The footage captured Sanford approaching Buford and a companion before discharging multiple rounds at them. Buford was struck several times as he attempted to flee, while his companion managed to escape unharmed. After the shooting, Sanford was observed picking up undisclosed items from the ground near the victim before fleeing the scene towards McKinley Street.

Following the incident, Buford’s companion positively identified Sanford as the assailant from a lineup of photographs. Sanford was subsequently taken into custody and booked at the Downtown Detention Center on charges of criminal homicide and attempted criminal homicide. With a bond set at $600,000, Sanford awaits further legal proceedings as the community grapples with the aftermath of this senseless act of violence that resulted in the loss of a young life.