Inspiring Trans Actress Awa Puna Takes a Stand Against Violence and Transphobia in New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand – Last year, Awa Puna, a prominent figure in the transgender community and star of “Shortland Street”, led a large march for transgender rights in Auckland. The event was in protest against British anti-trans activist Posie Parker, who was touring New Zealand at the time. Despite the thousands of supporters surrounding her, … Read more

Teased: Multiple Superman & Lois Season 4 Deaths Revealed by Lois Lane Actress

VANCOUVER, Canada – As the season finale of “Superman & Lois” approaches, actress Elizabeth Tulloch, who plays Lois Lane, has hinted at the possibility of multiple character deaths in the show. The popular superhero series has garnered a lot of attention for its intense and dramatic plotlines, and viewers are eagerly anticipating what the finale … Read more