Republican Attorneys General Drop Bombshell Warning to Top US Businesses – Here is What They Said

Highlighting a recent ruling on affirmative action, a group of Republican attorneys general has issued a letter to the country’s largest corporations, warning against the implementation of race-based preferences in hiring, promotions, and contracting. The letter, dispatched to Fortune 100 companies, asserts that discrimination is prevalent in numerous organizations and emphasizes that the Supreme Court’s … Read more

Supreme Court’s Earth-Shattering Ruling: GOP Triumphs as Affirmative Action Crumbles

On June 29, the Supreme Court affirmed the American ideal of equality and ended the controversial use of affirmative action in higher education admissions. The court ruled that using race as a determinant in college admissions tarnishes the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. This groundbreaking verdict was secured in two … Read more

Controversial Supreme Court Justice Defends Discrimination – Outrage Ensues

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson displayed little genuine interest in deliberating the constitutionality of affirmative action in her dissent today. Despite previous claims of her “progressive originalism,” such a stance appears nonexistent. Instead, Jackson presented an extensive, emotionally charged leftist commentary, advocating for the consideration of race in this particular context. Her endorsement of … Read more

Affirmative Action For Colleges Is On The Chopping Block

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in landmark cases that could end affirmative action in university admissions. Two cases that could end decades of racial affirmative action in higher education will be heard by the United States Supreme Court.