O.J. Simpson’s Death Reminds Us of Ignorance, Says Mitch Albom

Detroit, Michigan – The recent passing of O.J. Simpson has reignited conversations about the complex legacy of the former football star and actor. Despite Simpson’s high-profile life and controversial trial in the 1990s, many still feel that they did not truly know the man behind the headlines. Simpson, famously acquitted of the murders of Nicole … Read more

Gang Attacks Shutdown Haiti’s Airport, Free Thousands of Inmates, Mitch Albom Reports Live from the Chaos

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Author and journalist Mitch Albom is currently in Haiti, facing the aftermath of recent gang attacks that have paralyzed the country. The main international airport is closed, and over 4,000 inmates have been freed in the chaos. Albom, known for his philanthropic efforts, spoke about the situation in Haiti during an interview, … Read more