Explosion Claims Lives of 20 Cambodian Troops Leading to Hasty Funeral Arrangements

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – A tragic incident involving the deaths of 20 Cambodian troops in an explosion has led to a hurried funeral to honor their sacrifice. The explosion occurred during a military exercise, leaving families and the nation in mourning for the loss of these brave soldiers. The sudden loss of the 20 troops … Read more

Unattended Gun Results in Fatal Shooting of 6-Year-Old Girl Whose Mother Was Making Funeral Arrangements

DALLAS, TEXAS – A tragic incident unfolded in Dallas on Wednesday afternoon, as a 6-year-old girl was fatally shot in her family’s home. The girl, identified as Ah’Laynah Modica-Ross, was critically injured and later passed away at the hospital. The shooting occurred while her mother was at a mortuary making funeral arrangements for her 14-year-old … Read more