Avalanche Detection System Using Infrasound Expands in Alaska for Improved Safety and Monitoring

Juneau, Alaska – In a groundbreaking initiative, a team of experts led by Scott Havens is revolutionizing avalanche detection on Thane Road by utilizing infrasound technology. Through pioneering sensor systems developed with researchers at Boise State University, Havens aims to track high mountain avalanches undetected by traditional methods, ultimately enhancing avalanche mitigation strategies and reducing … Read more

Avalanche Detection System Revolutionizes Alaska’s Winter Safety

JUNEAU, ALASKA – Avalanche detection technology is taking a step forward in the mountains of Alaska as Snowbound Solutions pioneers the use of infrasound for monitoring high mountain avalanches. The company is teaming up with Boise State University researchers to develop sensors that can pick up low-frequency sounds that are inaudible to the human ear. … Read more

Avalanche Victims Retrospective: Calgary Herald’s Look Back at 1998 Tragedy and More On This Date, Jan. 3

CALGARY, Alberta – On Jan. 3, 1998, nine individuals tragically lost their lives in a series of avalanches that swept through the southeastern British Columbia mountains. This historical date in 1998 marked a devastating event in Canadian history, as the region experienced the deadly consequences of these natural disasters. Pictured, a RCMP helicopter is seen … Read more