Avian Influenza Strikes Swans at Orlando’s Lake Eola Park

ORLANDO, Fla. – Four cases of Avian Influenza have been confirmed in swans at Lake Eola Park in Orlando. Recent deaths among the bird populations at the park led city officials to consult with local veterinarians, who recommended necropsies on two deceased swans. Both the Royal Mute swan and Australian Black swan tested positive for … Read more

Avian Influenza Outbreak Strikes Swans at Lake Eola Park in Orlando

Orlando, Florida officials have identified cases of Avian Influenza in swans residing at Lake Eola Park, sparking concerns within the community. The recent discoveries of deceased birds led to prompt actions by city authorities, who consulted with local veterinary experts for guidance. Upon recommendations, two deceased swans were subjected to necropsies, revealing positive test results … Read more