Bomb Blast Kills Eight in Rebel-Held Syrian Town of Azaz, Injures Dozens

Azaz, Syria – A deadly car bomb explosion shattered the peace in the rebel-held town of Azaz near the Turkish border on Saturday evening. The blast, which took place in a crowded market, resulted in the tragic loss of at least eight lives and left 23 others injured, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for … Read more

Syrian Market Bombing Claims Seven Lives and Injures Dozens’a blast occurred in the Syrian opposition city of Azaz during peak late-night shopping after breaking the day’s Ramadan fast’

Azaz, Syria – A devastating car bomb explosion ripped through a bustling marketplace in the Syrian opposition city of Azaz, claiming the lives of at least seven people and injuring 30 others. The incident occurred during the late hours of Saturday, as residents were out shopping after breaking their fast during the holy month of … Read more