Bashing Women and Man in Wollongong CBD: Zayne Taki Found Guilty

A man has been found guilty of assaulting both women and a man in Wollongong CBD. Zayne Taki, the culprit, was convicted by the court for the violent attacks. The incidents took place in the bustling city center, causing fear and unease among the community. The court’s decision came after evidence of the assaults was … Read more

Adoptive Dad Convicted for Bashing 2-Year-Old’s Head Against Wall in Murder Case

GRAVESEND, England – In a shocking case of parental abuse, a father has been convicted of murdering his two-year-old adopted daughter after inflicting fatal head injuries upon her. The man was found guilty of bashing the toddler’s head against a wall, causing severe trauma that ultimately led to her death. The tragic incident took place … Read more