Asylum Seeker Convicted of Murder in UK After Stabbing Retiree to Death for Pro-Palestine Beliefs

In Hartlepool, northeast England, a Moroccan asylum seeker was convicted of murder by a UK court on Thursday for a brutal stabbing that resulted in the death of a pensioner and the attempted murder of his housemate. Ahmed Alid, 45, fatally stabbed 70-year-old Terence Carney six times on a street in Hartlepool on October 15, … Read more

Doomsday Cult Murder Trial: Chad Daybell Faces Charges in Extremist Religious Beliefs Case

St. Anthony, Idaho – The high-profile trial of Chad Daybell, accused of murdering his wife and the two youngest children of his former partner Lori Vallow Daybell, commenced in a courtroom in Idaho on Wednesday. The case, rooted in extremist religious beliefs, has garnered significant attention nearly a year after Vallow Daybell was found guilty … Read more