Explosion Shakes Berdiansk Residents: Cause of Blast Unknown

The City of Berdiansk in Ukraine was shaken by an explosion in the central part of the city, as reported by Victoria Halitsyna, the head of the Berdiansk RMA on Telegram. Residents of Berdiansk were startled by the loud noise of the explosion echoing through different neighborhoods of the city, according to social media posts. … Read more

Explosions Rock Temporary Occupied Port Cities of Berdiansk and Mariupol

Berdiansk, Ukraine – Explosions have shocked the port cities of Berdiansk and Mariupol, creating chaos and concern among residents. The head of the Berdiansk city military administration, Viktoria Halitsyna, confirmed the incidents through a social media post on Telegram. In Berdiansk, a fire broke out in the Kolonia residential neighborhood following an explosion, leaving residents … Read more