Brutalized St. Louis Teen Breathing on Own and Stable After Vicious Attack

St. Louis, Missouri – A St. Louis teenager involved in a brutal assault seen in a viral video has shown signs of improvement, breathing on her own and remaining stable by Friday. Kaylee, 16, suffered severe injuries, including a fractured skull and life-threatening brain swelling, after an attack on March 8 near Hazelwood East High … Read more

“Mall Revival” – West LA Mall Turns to Biomedical Research Center, Breathing New Life into a Faded Icon

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – The demise of shopping malls has been a common narrative in recent years, with many being overshadowed by the rise of online shopping and shifting consumer habits. However, a surprising turn of events has occurred in West Los Angeles, where the once ailing Westside Pavilion mall has been revived and repurposed … Read more